At Attitude Brand we have the honor and pleasure to say that our products are already available in the store Ple D'espais.

Ple d'espais as the name indicates is a place full of spaces dedicated to fashion and accessories, jewelry, interior design and decoration. It is a store dedicated to exploring market trends and offering products related to it.

Attitude Brand en Ple D'espais

Located in a wonderful location: Miami Playa, Tarragona. It is a perfect place to take a walk on the beach, eat at one of the many restaurants in the area and finish trying on the complements and garments of the store Ple D'espais.

We leave you information about Ple D'espais:

Full address: Avenida Paris number 16 local 1 (Ple d'espais) Miami Playa, Tarragona, 43892

Phone: 605664656

Facebook page:

You can find more information at the Attitude Brand physical point of sale locator here: physical points of sale.

Tienda Ple D'espais

Tienda Ple D'espais