Hello again! First and foremost, we have not done and are 9 days late: Happy New Year! We had a busy start to the year and we have not been able to congratulate you before.

2018 has been a year of new projects, of struggle, of sacrifice and of achieving things that we did not expect to achieve. That's why at Attitude Brand we have the strength and desire to move forward and make 2019 worth even more with the new challenges that come our way.

For the moment tell you that we are expanding borders. Recently we discussed a logistical improvement that allows us to ship to Europe at lower cost and faster.

Now we tell you that we have translated Attitude Brand into Italian to offer the best quality content in this country and that our products can arrive in the best possible way.

Italy has been a market from the beginning where we have been very well received and we wanted to thank you for preparing our online store to the maximum for your visitors.

In the short term we will bring a similar news but focused on the French market.

We are also working on a new line of products that will be our main pillar of 2019. A more feminine line and we hope you will love all of them either for yourselves or to give to your girlfriends, friends, etc;)

Very soon we will tell you what it is about!